Easy Airport Travel Hacks

Our friends at Toggl designed this super awesome graphic depicting how to make it through Nashville International Airport with the least amount of stress as possible! Air travel doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t overthink it! A little common sense goes a long way! Start your trip off right by making your free online reservation with Flight Park in order to reserve your Nashville Airport Parking in advance.



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Nashville Airport Parking

Why off-airport parking? 

Enjoy complementary baggage handling!

Enjoy complementary baggage handling!

Off-site airport parking is usually offered by companies within a 2 mile radius of the airport. By traveling a little extra, you will get a big discount! A variety of off-site parking options service Nashville International Airport. These days, you have the ability to reserve your BNA airport parking in advance so that your spot is ensured.

Say goodbye to long waits and hefty taxi fees and hello to complementary shuttles that take you directly from your parking spot to your BNA airport terminal for free! At Flight Park, you are given the choice between indoor, climate controlled parking or open-air self-park options. All parking

spaces are in our safe and secure parking lot to ensure that no harm comes to your car while you are traveling out of Nashville.

Unlike the airport, Flight Park will assist you with every step of your parking experience, including handling your baggage for you while you enjoy the ride. For a small fee, Flight Park staff will even hand wash and detail your vehicle while you are away. Flight Park also offers fully certified automobile servicing upon request. You won’t be able to get these perks at Nashville International Airport! 

Insider Tip: Make your free online reservation before the day of your departure to ensure you have the best and cheapest Nashville Airport parking space. 

Avoiding Travel Scams


If you have been feeling bored or overworked, the thought of a cheap or free vacation might sound pretty appealing…and scammers know that! Scams are often effective on travelers because of their simplicity, but with a little preparation you can avoid being an easy target. Before you begin your dream vacation, bone up on these tips for avoiding travel-related scams:

  •   Watch out for unsolicited “deals” on fantastic locations. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  •  Search the Better Business Bureau and American Society of Travel Agents to make sure your travel company is legit before you give them any money.
  •  Always use a credit card when making travel related purchases. This way, if you feel you have been scammed, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company.
  •   Be on the lookout for “travel clubs” that offer “free” membership. Many times, these services simply charge your credit card every month and provide few benefits.
  •  If you win a “free” vacation, don’t ever give out your credit card information. You should never have to pay to collect a prize.
  •   If you are working with a travel agency or vacation service, make sure to get all of the details about your trip in writing. This contract will act as legal proof in the event that your experience wasn’t what you were promised.

Here at Flight Park, you will never be scammed. Make your free online reservation today and save!

Seven Simple Tips for Winter Packing


The holidays are stressful enough without having to shove every coat and scarf you own into a suitcase for winter travel. Stop shoving, pushing and pulling your luggage for hours, waiting for your clothes to magically compact themselves! Instead, make things easy on yourself by taking a look at the list below:

Choose synthetic fabrics. They will keep you warm and snuggly and are less likely to be fluffy and take up precious space.

Hats are the secret to staying warm! Make sure you pack a hat that covers your ears and the back of your neck for maximum warmth. Additional flaps or needless furry decorations just waste space.

Mix and mach. Have three to four pairs of warm pants that you can wear with three to four different sweaters in a variety of exciting combinations.

Don’t forget to layer. Bring t-shirts, thin long sleeve shirts and fleece tops. Layer them under your outfits accordingly.

Take care of your toes. A solid pair of boots is a must for winter travel. Wear them on the airplane to save space. Make sure that your winter travel shoes are weatherproof and dark colored so they won’t show stains from mud or slush.

Gloves=TLBT. Your gloves should be thin, light, breathable and waterproof. Pack gloves with some kind of grip and make sure they are of the quick drying kind.

Sunscreen: Not just for the beach. A windburn or sunburn from reflection off of snow or ice is every bit as painful as summer sunburn. Take precautions.

Don’t get stuck in the cold! Make your free online parking reservation with Flight Park to lock in our lowest rate and save your spot!

How Video Plays a Crucial Role in the Rise of Content Marketing


Video marketing is quickly becoming a critical form of content distribution. If you’re having trouble convincing your marketing team, business partners, clients, boss or even yourself that online video marketing is worthwhile, read on to learn why videos are playing such a crucial role in the rise of content marketing:

1.     Customers are becoming increasingly influenced by video. The more forms of media available to the customer the better. Studies show that 78% of people watch online videos at least once a week and 55% watch every day!

2.     Video feedback is great for marketing. Unlike print marketing, video provides highly tailored feedback, enabling marketers to learn what is engaging and what is not. If people stop watching your video after only ten seconds, you will know and be able to adjust your content accordingly. Videos also allow you to see what content in the video is being consumed or skipped by each viewer. This data tells you if the actual video content was engaging to customers.

3.      The pressure to show content ROI is increasing. Content marketing budgets are increasing. Allocate your funds wisely by using video marketing. By capturing user-level information, including what videos each customer watched and for how long, and feeding that data into marketing tools, marketers can segment, score, and nurture leads

Technology + Marketing = Measurable Results!


As always, don’t forget to reserve and save at Flight Park


Traveling During Inclement Weather

flight-delayedIt is now September, and before you know it, the autumn season will be upon us. For those who live up north, this means saying goodbye to sunny warm weather and hello to severe weather and snow. Traveling out of the Nashville International Airport (BNA) during the colder months of the year can be challenging. Read on for tips on how to navigate travel during inclement weather.

 -When you arrive at the airport, park your car offsite with Flight Park and rest assured that we will take care of it during the cold months.

 -Get forecasts before you leave the house. Check your destination and departure cities. If something looks amiss or if there is already flight delays for impending foul weather, call the airline to check the status of your flight.

 -The weather at your departure and destination cities looks perfect but it is the connecting city that is experiencing unpleasant conditions? See if you can reroute the connection to an airport with no delays.

 -Do not stray too far from your gate if you are already at the airport. Gate attendants often make important announcements in the event of a flight delay or cancellation including, but not limited to, information on flight status, alternative flight options, hotel offers etc. These are announcements you will want to hear.

 -If you end up needing to make alternate arrangements, use your airline’s 1-800 numbers. This will be much quicker and less stressful than standing in line at the kiosk at the airport with the 85 other people who need to reroute as well.